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Web Analytics Salary Survey 2007

Web Analytics has become one of the hottest career fields in past year. This is exactly what I predicted in January of 2007 when I made the predictions for 2007

Recently an article on WISTV.com says
Companies everywhere are allocating resources to developing effective Web sites, says O'Donnell. [GL1] She points to Web analytics as a specific, cutting-edge job choice. "Companies need people who can make their sites easy to navigate and visually impactful, so Web analysts need to understand human psychology and also be slightly obsessed with the Web," she says.

As people make a decision about their career one of the questions that everybody has on their mind is “What can expect in terms of money?” To answer this question I conducted a salary survey a few months back. In this post I am going to post the result of that survey. I would like to thank all of you who participated in this survey.

I had total of 102 responses from web analysts around the world. I did not have enough data to show salary results for any other country except US. In future I will conduct a survey for a longer period of time to get more data from other countries as well. Every position except the Director had siginificant number of respondents. So when you look at these numbers keep that in mind that salary for Director level might not be a true representation of the actual salaries.

Average and Median Salary by Title

Average salaries and bonus for web analytics positions ranged from $31,000 to $212,000. Most of the people with Analyst titled had 0-2 years of experience. It appears that as these Analysts get more experience and transition into Sr. Analyst their salaries jump significantly (+42% on average).

Base Salary by Job Title

Base Salary and Bonus by Job Title

Average Base Salary and Bonus by Job Title

Over 57% of the respondent had bonus along with the base salaries. Bonus was a component of total package at all the positions.
Sr. Managers seem to have higher bonus than people with Director Title. Since there were very few “Directors” who participated in the survey I am not confident that these numbers truly represent the current market salaries. (I encourage you to participate in next survey that I will conduct to make sure we have enough data points).

Salary based on Total years of Experience

Base Salary by total years of experience

As expected salaries increased with the years of experience. Median salary of “7 and Above” year was below median salary of 5-7 year of experience. I think the cause of this was that a lot of people with experience in other fields made a move to Web Analytics. Their salary in web analytics is higher than what they were making in their previous jobs but still below that of others who have been working in web analytics or marketing fields.

Base Salary and Bonus by total years of experience

Average Base Salary and Bonus by total years of experience

% of compensation in bonus grows with the number of years of experience.
People with 0-2 years of experience make an average of 6% of their base in bonus
People with 2 -5 years of experience make an average of 13% of their base in bonus
People with 5-7 years of experience make an average of 16.5% of their base in bonus
People with 7 and above years of experience make an average of 17.9% of their base in bonus

So do you fall in this range? What would you like to see in future surveys? Leave anonymous comments if you don’t want to disclose your name?

Please contact me at batraonline at gmail.com to get a PDF copy of this report.

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