Monday, April 02, 2007

Web Analytics Jobs Trend Update: April 2007

To followup on my predictions here is the latest update on “Web Analytics” jobs.
This snapshot was taken on April 1st.

Starting this month, I chose to include They are also a job aggregator site like but they also provide job boards called job-a-matic, like the Job Board I have on my blog.
These job boards allow individual bloggers or site owners to quickly create a job board specific to their site’s content. have more jobs listed than simply hired, not sure if is aggregating all these jobs on job-a-matic job boards or not.

After dipping about 10.87% in March, open jobs listed on April 1st were up 8.33% on and up 20.34% on simply hired. “Web Analytics” jobs listed on are up 61% from Jan 1st numbers. It is still a very hot market for “Web Analytics” jobs.

Overall job postings containing “web analytics” as a percentage of all the open jobs positions listed on is shown below.

To see which tools are in demand, I did some search on tool related job openings and found the Omniture was in lead closely followed by WebTrends.

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  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Interesting - and Omniture & Google Analytics appear to be the ones growing the fastest:
    job trends: web analytics


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