Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Top 10 Web Analytics Blog

Aviansh released his list of Top 10 Web Analytics Blogs yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised to make the list fo Top Web Analytics Blogs. Though I had this blog for quite a while I only started serious blogging about 3 months ago. To make this list is great however, now it puts a pressure on me to continue to blog so that I can maintain my position in this list(one of these days I will have top come up top 10 reasons why I blog).

Here is Avinash’s list

1. Occam’s Razorby Avinash Kaushik
2. Web Metrics Guru by Marshall Sponder
3. Google Analytics Blog by Jeff Gills
4. Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra
5. Eric T. Peterson’s Analytics Weblog by Eric Peterson
6. Increasing your website’s conversion rate by Robbin Steif
7. Unofficial Google Analytics Blog by Michael Harrison
8. Lies, Damned Lies…by Ian Thomas
9. WebAnalytics.be Blog by Aurélie Pols
10. Web Analysis, Behavioral Targeting and Advertising by Anil Batra

Since Avinash published his rankings the ranking of my blog has increased to 44,005 from 48,459.

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  1. Gosh Anil, you get crawled fast. I already got a Google Alert that I was in your blog. And you just published an hour ago.


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