Thursday, May 10, 2007

eMetrics Conference in San Francisco

I am sure a lot of fellow bloggers are writing about eMetrics and if you read each one them you will get a good view of how this conference was. Here is my review of the conference.

I arrived at the conference around 9:00 right before the keynote by Jim Sterne. The keynote was excellent; it set the stage for a great conference.

There were lots of great sessions but one that really got my attention was by Joseph Carrabis’s session. I was not exactly sure what to expect from this session as it was not directly related to web analytics. Joseph is not a marketer he is a research scientist. It was interesting to learn something more than web analytics at eMetrics conference. His insights and views are something that a web analyst, marketing managers, site designers and anybody who has anything to do with site layout should be aware of. If you saw the picture on my blog till yesterday it was facing outwards showing my right cheek. According to Joseph's presentation that was not the best way to present a picture (in person or on the site) so I changed the picture to the one I currently have. Hopefully Joseph will agree that this picture is better (somewhat) than what I had before.

As I wrote earlier I got to meet a lot of people and fellow bloggers. Since I was in a hurry to post last time I did not include links to all these bloggers so here is the list again (with a new addition) and the links to their blogs.

Avinash Kaushik
Aurélie Pols
Bob Page
Chris Gemignani
Clint Ivy
Eric Peterson
Ian Thomas
Jim Novo
Judah Phillips
June Li
Justin Cutroni
Matt Jacobs
Marshall Sponder
René Dechamps
Robbin Steif
Scott Baldwin
Stephane Hamel
Tracey Murell (she will begin blogging soon)

We were suppose to fill a review for each of the sessions, the review forms had only 2 things to review on Material and Presentation and you were suppose to give a rating from 1-5, 5 being the best. Not sure how Jim Sterne will analyze those because it is hard to see why a person gave 1 or 5 without knowing their level of understanding (beginner, intermediate or advanced) of web analytics, their role in the company etc. What a beginner might give 5 might be a 1 by and advanced analyst. Jim, I hope you took a note of my feedback.

Overall the conference was great. Thanks to Jim Sterne, all the volunteers, speakers and attendees and sponsors for making it such a great event.

If have never attended an eMetrics make all attempts to attend the next one, I heard it is getting bigger and bigger every year. This was definitely worth the time and effort.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Hello and Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed my presentation. I don't know if you're aware that I have a blog, too, BizMediaScience. It deals with my company's research, mostly, and whatever else catches my attention.
    I've been thinking, based on the response to my Emetrics presentation, that I could use my blog to answer questions if people care to post them there.
    Just a thought.
    And thanks again for your kind words. Let's make it a point to say hello the next time we're conferencing together. - Joseph

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Love the new picture, by the way.

  3. Joseph,

    It was pleasure listening to you at emetrics. Yes, next time I will stop to say Hi.

    - Anil


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