Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Web Analytics Job Market is Hot

Here is the latest update on “Web Analytics” jobs. This snapshot was taken on May 1st from Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. These sites are job aggregators, they collect open job positions from individual company sites and from job boards such as hotjobs.com.
SimplyHired.com also provide job boards called job-a-matic, like the Job Board I have on my blog. These job boards allow individual bloggers or site owners to quickly create a job board specific to their site’s content.
Like last month, Indeed.com has more jobs listed than simply hired, but SimplyHired.com is catching up with indeed.com. It appears that either simplyhired.com is not aggregating more sites or companies are relying on job-a-matic job boards (see the example of the Job Board I have on my blog).

Note Month in the above graph represents the month when the data was gathered.

Both indeed.com and simplyhired.com show an upward trend in open positions. Web Analytics jobs listed on indeed.com are up 4.5% from last month. On Simplyhired.com open jobs are up 14.7% from last month. “Web Analytics” jobs listed on indeed.com are up 68% from Jan 1st numbers. As I predicted in the beginning of this year, it is a very hot market for “Web Analytics” jobs so if you are on the sideline thinking about entering this field then this is the time. If you need tips on how to get started then read my article on Starting a career in Web Analytics, my series of interviews with web analysts and books recommended by web analysts.

Overall job postings containing “web analytics” as a percentage of all the open job positions listed on indeed.com are shown below.

To see which tools are in demand, I did some search on tool related job openings and found the Omniture was in lead followed by WebTrends. According to indeed.com, Omniture related open positions have jumped up significantly from last month and WebTrends related positions have declined. While, according to simplyhired.com omniture positions have declined and WebTrends positions are up. The net of this is that both of the tools are in high demand.

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