Monday, November 24, 2008

Motrin Ad Controversy - Who Gained from it?

Last week there was a lot of uproar in the social media space about a Motrin Ad that caused Motrin to pull the ad within 2 days of launching it and post an apology on their site. Judging by this and the negative press it got, it seemed like a failure. However, in my last post I outlined few key measures to see if the ad was a success or a failure.

As I expected, Motrin site saw a huge increase in traffic on its site. According to Compete Pro Motrin’s site saw a 10X increase in its Daily Reach on the Web, jumping from .002% to .02% in one day. That is a huge. An ad without a controversy would have not generated that kind of traffic. Motrin should send a big thank you and some motrins to #motrinmoms , a twitter group that started this whole controversy.

Source: Compete Pro

Note: 15th evening is when the ad went live and by 17th evening they pulled the ad and posted an apology.

#motrinmoms, you were successful too because you got the ad pulled out and got an apology. Now go take some motrin to ease the pain caused by this ad, don’t forget to print a coupon at Motrin.

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  1. Anonymous10:02 AM

    i suspect that the increase in traffic were mom's and others looking for the offending piece. hopefully they didn't find the piece when they landed, but instead found the company's apology - and their take-away was, at minimum, neutral...and that on the positive side they think that the company took responsibility for their actions, has a better understanding of "mom's" and will never make the mistake again. i'm reminded of the Tylenol scare a number of years ago and how Tylenol handled that.

    David Ross
    VP, ACD


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